Local Electricians in Orpington: 5 Tips for a More Energy-Efficient Home

As electronic bills continue to rise and environmental impacts become more important for UK homeowners, Orpington customers often ask our local electricians and electrician contractors ways they can reduce their electricity usage and live a more energy-efficient lifestyle. By cutting energy use and maintaining your electrical installations more effectively, you can also reduce the need for repairs by an emergency electrician and ensure your property passes Electrical Safety Certificate inspections when required.


The following tips from our expert local electricians can help you save money on your electric bill and energy in your Orpington home.


1. Utilise your electrical appliances efficiently

Most of us are guilty of not using our electronic appliances efficiently, half filling the fridge or freezer, running the dishwasher half-full or tumble drying our clothes on a warm, sunny day. To save energy, our electrician contractors recommend utilising your appliances to their optimum capacity to reduce un-necessary energy waste.


For example, Orpington homeowners could run their dishwasher only when it’s completely full, hang clothes out to dry on a sunny day instead of using the tumble dryer, use the cold-water option on your washing machine and use a smaller, fully-stocked fridge, rather than a large fridge which is often half-empty.


2. Turn off unused electronic devices

It’s amazing how many electronic appliances we leave plugged in, on standby mode and turned on when we aren’t even using them. Take the advice of our team’s local electricians and go through your house switching off electronics and turning standby modes off. Our electrician contractors can do this and give you more handy tips when performing emergency electrician services, Electrician Safety Certificate inspections and other electrical installation, repair and maintenance services at your Orpington home.


3. Switch to energy-efficient lighting

Many Orpington customers with domestic or commercial properties are looking to eco-friendly electronic appliances to reduce their carbon footprint and electric bills. We have seen an increasingly high demand for LED lights and solar lighting for their more effective energy-saving technology. Solar lights are easy to install, durable and use a much lower voltage, our local electricians can recommend the best types of bulbs and lighting for your home. Energy-efficient lighting is also easy to check during Electronic Safety Certificate inspections and easy to maintain, even reducing the need to call an emergency electrician for repairs.


4. Maintain electronic installations in your home

Bromley Electrical’s electrician contractors recommend maintaining your electrical appliances by having them checked every five years and upgrading old appliances in your home. This can be done as part of an EICR service or Electronic Safety Certificate inspection and is especially vital for landlords, who have a duty of care to their tenants. We provide expert fault finding services and emergency electricians for Orpington customers, where we can carry-out repairs or recommend new electronic installations that work more energy-efficiently and safely in your home.


Based in Bromley, Bromley Electrical (South East) Ltd has been providing customers in Orpington and the surrounding London, Surrey and Kent areas with expert electronic services since 2013. Our team of professional electrician contractors and local electricians are NAPIT registered, Part P certified and fully-qualified to deliver first-rate electronic installations, repairs and maintenance services safely. We specialise in domestic electronic work such as bespoke lighting installation and emergency electrician services, as well as completing EICR’s and Electrical Safety Certificate inspections for landlords and commercial clients.

Call Bromley Electrical (South East) Ltd on 020 8226 5121 for reliable local electricians and electrician contractors in the Bromley areas.

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